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More than 500,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in Europe: AFP tally

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Covid-19 deaths in Belgium top 1,000 as worldwide cases approach one million

Belgium’s death toll from the Covid-19 virus has topped 1,000, officials have confirmed, with 183 new deaths in the last 24 hours. Read Full Article at

German tabloid Bild in hot water for giving airtime to Covid-19 testing firm currently under investigation

German tabloid Bild has come under fire after airing an interview with an ex-Playboy model who founded a controversial online startup selling pricey coronavirus home test kits. The company appeared to raise many red flags. Read Full Article at

Saudi Arabia won’t undermine Russia-US energy deal & risk facing oil price war on two fronts – market analyst to RT

If Moscow and Washington strike a deal to boost the sinking oil markets, Saudi Arabia had better stay out of their way, according to analysts who spoke to RT. Read Full Article at

Spain reports 110,238 coronavirus cases, almost reaches Italy's numbers

A total of 950 Covid-19 patients have died in Spain in the last 24 hours, bringing the nationwide death toll from the coronavirus to over 10,000 people. Read Full Article at

'Everyone knew he's not fighting': Dana White knew Khabib Nurmagomedov was out of UFC 249, so why persist with the event?

Despite tighter restrictions in place in the United States and across the world, UFC president Dana White remains determined to hold UFC 249, and says he already knew lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov would not be on the card. Read Full Article at

Serbia govt to revoke coronavirus information control decree

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EU’s top court says eastern states broke law by refusing to host refugees

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‘Iran has FRIENDS, not proxies’ – Zarif blasts Trump following ‘sneak attack’ claims

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif hit back at the US after President Trump accused Iran of planning a “sneak attack” on US troops and assets in Iraq. Read Full Article at

Greece quarantines first camp after 20 asylum seekers test coronavirus positive

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Thousands of quarantined sailors from USS Theodore Roosevelt to be temporarily housed in Guam hotels

Sailors from a coronavirus-infected US aircraft carrier are to occupy hundreds of hotel rooms in Guam as the US Navy expedites blanket testing of the crew. Earlier, the captain of the ship wrote a scolding memo on the evacuation. Read Full Article at

Sad Covid-19 record for Russia: 771 new cases registered across the country

The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases has grown by 771 in Russia on Thursday, marking the biggest single-day increase in patients since the start of the outbreak. Read Full Article at

‘Criminal blockade’: Cuba outraged as delivery of Covid-19 aid from Alibaba chief aborted ‘at the last minute’ due to US sanctions

Cuba has slammed the US’ “criminal blockade” of the country after the embargo stood in the way of the delivery of Covid-19 test kits and ventilators donated by Chinese e-commerce tycoon Jack Ma. Read Full Article at

Pentagon seeks 100,000 body bags as Covid-19 fatalities top 5,000 in US after deadliest day to date

The Pentagon is looking to hand out some 100,000 body bags as hospitals and morgues are overrun with coronavirus fatalities, with the US breaking its daily death toll record yet again, crossing 5,000 in total. Read Full Article at

Pentagon seeks 100,000 body bags as US sees yet ANOTHER daily Covid-19 death toll record & 25,000+ new cases

The Pentagon is looking to hand out some 100,000 body bags as hospitals and morgues are overrun with coronavirus fatalities, with the US breaking its daily death toll record yet again. Read Full Article at

Emmy-winning musician & co-founder of Fountains of Wayne, Adam Schlesinger, dies of coronavirus at 52

Award-winning songwriter and musician Adam Schlesinger has passed away after contracting Covid-19 and spending several days on a ventilator, according to his attorney. He was 52 years old. Read Full Article at

Los Angeles train engineer tries to RAM ‘suspicious’ US Navy hospital ship ‘to wake people up’

An engineer in Los Angeles was charged after attempting to ram a train at full speed into a Navy hospital ship sent to assist with the Covid-19 pandemic, in a bizarre effort to “wake up” Americans to a vague government conspiracy. Read Full Article at RT.

‘I’ll send you to the grave!’ Duterte orders police & military to SHOOT Covid-19 quarantine violators who ‘cause trouble’

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has warned that those who violate quarantines amid the Covid-19 crisis could wind up dead, ordering security forces to fire upon violent ‘troublemakers’ as the country battles the outbreak. Read Full Article at

If at first you don’t succeed…Impeachment frontman Schiff mulls 9/11-like ’nonpartisan commission’ on coronavirus

House Democrat Adam Schiff has called for a ‘nonpartisan’ probe modeled after the 9/11 Commission to find out what went wrong with the US response to Covid-19, an inquiry that will no doubt lead to President Donald Trump. Read Full Article at

Not letting Covid-19 crisis go to waste? US ramps up war on drugs… focusing on Venezuela’s Maduro

US President Donald Trump has announced a massive naval deployment in the Caribbean to prevent drug cartels from ‘exploiting’ the Covid-19 pandemic, with the military singling out Venezuela as a major threat to America. Read Full Article at

Six-week-old NEWBORN dies in Connecticut after catching Covid-19

A Connecticut baby is believed to be the youngest US coronavirus victim to date, at just six weeks old. Although children have a far lesser chance of dying from it than the elderly, that does not mean they are immune. Read Full Article at

Never mind the pandemic, when are you dropping out? Bernie Sanders gets a raw deal on ‘The View’

Democrat presidential contender Bernie Sanders got quite a hostile reception on ABC’s ‘The View’, with the hosts more interested in pressuring him to drop out than in his proposal to deal with Covid-19 by nationalizing healthcare. Read Full Article at R

US bought France-bound face masks for CASH from China – French official to RT

The US bought out a planeload of Chinese-made face masks right on the tarmac just as the haul of the much needed protective gear was about to set off for France, the head of a French region told RT. Read Full Article at

France becomes 4th country to pass 4,000 coronavirus deaths threshold

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Russian military plane with coronavirus aid lands in US

A Russian military aircraft, carrying supplies needed to fight the coronavirus outbreak, has landed in New York. The haul was sent after President Trump accepted an offer of assistance from Vladimir Putin. Read Full Article at

'Put yourself in my shoes': Khabib 'CANCELS' UFC 249 fight, will not circumvent Covid-19 quarantine measures

Khabib Nurmagomedov has confirmed he will not take extreme measures to circumvent quarantine laws to Tony Ferguson UFC 249, asking fans to «put yourself in my shoes» in a heartfelt Instagram post on Wednesday. Read Full Article at

WATCH: Arab neighborhood in Jaffa erupts in riot after Israeli cops target alleged virus quarantine-breaker

Dozens of Israeli police clashed with locals in Jaffa’s Ajami neighborhood after officers attempting to fine an uncooperative Arab coronavirus quarantine-breaker sparked a riot. Read Full Article at

‘Upon information & belief’: Trump warns of potential Iran ‘sneak attack’ on US forces in Iraq

While both the US and Iran are battling coronavirus, belligerent words haven’t been forgotten. President Donald Trump claimed Iran could be planning an attack on US forces in Iraq and warned it would pay a “very heavy price.” Read Full Article at

France likely to ease lockdown gradually, PM Philippe says

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400 journalists reject ‘control’ of questions at government press briefings in coronavirus-plagued Spain

Over 400 Spanish journalists have signed an open letter rejecting a new format for press conferences introduced by Madrid during the Covid-19 crisis, in which questions to officials are first filtered by government press officers. Read Full Article at

Putin grants Russian government emergency powers to fight Covid-19

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law allowing the government to declare a nationwide emergency should the current efforts not be enough to keep the situation with coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, under control. Read Full Article at

France likely to unwind lockdown gradually, PM Philippe says

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US nurses herald PROTEST over lack of safety gear putting them at risk of Covid-19

National Nurses United has accused HCA, a healthcare company that runs a chain of hospitals across the US, of putting members at risk when treating coronavirus patients. Protests this week will demand better work conditions. Read Full Article at

Kosovo to phase out tariff on Serbia imports, US opposes ‘new barriers’

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'One of the best options': Belarus in running to rescue Khabib vs Ferguson by hosting UFC 249, says champ's father Abdulmanap

Khabib Nurmagomedov's father Abdulmanap says Belarus, which is currently one of the only places in the world where major sporting events are still being held with the government's blessing, is a leading candidate to host UFC 249. Read Full Article at

‘No one knows’ how widespread Covid-19 may be in Belmarsh, WikiLeaks editor says as concerns over prison conditions raised

The Covid-19 crisis has created a “dire situation” for inmates in British prisons, WikiLeaks editor Kristinn Hrafnsson has warned, including Belmarsh prison where Julian Assange is being held despite a request for emergency bail. Read Full Article at RT.c

‘Not being truthful’: UK govt lifts 15% cap in Covid-19 testing of NHS staff amid growing public anger

The UK government has removed a 15-percent cap on health professionals being tested for coronavirus, after previously claiming that a lack of the vital reagent chemical was to blame for the low number of frontline workers tested. Read Full Article at

Germany to extend coronavirus lockdown and social distancing to April 19

Chancellor Angela Merkel revealed the measures brought in to stop the spread of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic in Germany would last until after Easter. A tracking app to help tackle the spread is also being considered, Merkel said. Read Full Article at

Migrant protests take place in Sweden’s Gothenburg despite coronavirus gathering ban

Sweden has banned gatherings of more than 50 people in a bid to tackle the coronavirus spread. The seemingly strict ban, however, was immediately put under a stress test and apparently failed it. Read Full Article at

Cruise ships ordered by US Coast Guard to remain at sea & prepare to treat coronavirus-stricken passengers themselves

The US Coast Guard has warned cruise ships stuck at sea that they could be “sequestered” indefinitely during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and must be equipped to take care of ill passengers on board until permitted to dock. Read Full Article at
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