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Police charge at anti-lockdown protesters in Dublin after man launches FIREWORK at officer’s face (VIDEOS)

Hundreds of demonstrators have gathered in Dublin to protest Ireland’s restrictive lockdown policies. But the Saturday gathering soon turned violent, as police were pelted with bottles, cans, and even fireworks. Read Full Article at

‘What was he trying to do to him?!’ Fans mock Sevilla star as Messi gives him runaround in 2-0 win for Barca (VIDEO)

A resurgent Barcelona side are now within two points of La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid after they cruised to a 2-0 win at Sevilla on Saturday - with one incident from the game going viral after a particularly ungainly challenge. Read Full Article at

Armenian crisis: President refuses to sack military chief, says PM Pashinyan's order 'unconstitutional'

Armenia's President Armen Sarkissian has refused to approve an order to fire the country's armed forces chief, who is accused of staging a coup, returning the draft to PM Nikol Pashinyan. The move was applauded by protesters. Read Full Article at

Drama over Amnesty's Navalny move raises important point: prisoner of conscience tag shouldn’t be reserved only for those we like

Amnesty International’s statement that it doesn’t consider Alexey Navalny a prisoner of conscience has his supporters up in arms. The group's efforts to defend the activist don’t stack up, but the decision is wrong nonetheless. Read Full Article at RT.c

‘F*cking disgrace!’: Fury as Premier League referee disallows goal, then allows it, before ruling it out AGAIN (VIDEO)

Referee Lee Mason has been slammed as a «f*cking disgrace» after he flip-flopped on a decision to award a goal after Brighton's Lewis Dunk found the net with a quick free-kick in Saturday's game with West Brom. Read Full Article at

Where’s your god now? Study finds atheists no less moral than believers

A recent series of surveys found numerous areas of overlap in the morality of believers and the non-religious, but also distinguished key differences in terms of group identity versus individuality in guiding people’s morality. Read Full Article at

Russian ski star Bolshunov puts ‘attack’ row firmly behind him to win World Championship gold (VIDEO)

Russia’s Alexander Bolshunov claimed victory in the skiathlon at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2021 in Germany as the 24-year-old edged out two rivals from Norway in a scintillating finish. Read Full Article at

Ronaldo has made Juventus WORSE and big-money transfer has been failure, claims former Italy star Cassano

Cristiano Ronaldo’s time at Juventus has been a failure and the Portugal star is not compatible with manager Andrea Pirlo’s footballing philosophy, according to former Italy forward Antonio Cassano. Read Full Article at

IDF soldier killed in training accident ‘saves’ Covid-stricken Israeli man with lung transplant

An Israel Defense Forces trooper died after an officer accidentally shot him in the head, but his family decided to donate his organs, reportedly saving a coronavirus patient with wrecked lungs and a man who needed a heart. Read Full Article at

‘Unstoppable’: Guardiola racks up remarkable personal milestones as Man City win TWENTIETH game in a row

Manchester City were indebted to defensive duo John Stones and Ruben Dias as they edged past West Ham 2-1 to rack up a record-extending 20th straight victory, in a game which also saw Pep Guardiola reach a personal milestone. Read Full Article at

WATCH: CNN’s Jim Acosta grilled over network’s failure to cover ‘Emperor of New York’ Andrew Cuomo’s multiple scandals

CNN’s Jim Acosta was harangued upon arrival at the CPAC event in Florida on Friday, with one reporter grilling him for his network’s perceived failure to cover major scandals relating to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Read Full Article at

Leipzig boss Nagelsmann ‘interested’ in taking over at Spurs should they axe Jose Mourinho – reports

Highly-rated young boss Julian Nagelsmann could be the latest high-profile German coach to move to the Premier League, with the 33-year-old reportedly 'interested' in replacing Jose Mourinho at Tottenham Hotspur. Read Full Article at

Lockdowns are NOT ‘quietly improving cities,’ World Economic Forum concedes, deleting its much-ridiculed tweet

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has taken down its tweet that claimed lockdowns have been “quietly improving cities,” and admitted that is not the case. But the backdown didn’t spare the globalist titan from a new wave of mockery. Read Full Article at RT

World’s wealthiest clash over bitcoin: Gates advises to stay away, while Musk causes cryptocraze

While Elon Musk has been driving a buying frenzy in the cryptomarket, anyone who has less money than the richest person on the planet should avoid investing in bitcoin, multi-billionaire Bill Gates says. Read Full Article at

In the pink: Floyd Mayweather feeds flamingos as he holidays in Aruba alongside ‘girlfriend’ Anna Monroe

Undefeated boxing great Floyd Mayweather has been photographed feeding flamingos as he shared a sunshine break in Aruba alongside his supposed new girlfriend, Anna Monroe. Read Full Article at

Healing bombs? CNN’s love affair with airstrikes continues, as network gushes over Biden attack on Syria

Joe Biden’s Syrian airstrikes were hailed by CNN as a masterstroke of diplomacy, delivered with “a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer.” Strangely enough, it sang the same song when Donald Trump launched his own strikes. Read Full Article at

Murder most fowl? Fighting cock that killed owner with three-inch knife to appear in court in India

A rooster named Raja will appear in court in India after he killed his owner with a knife while attempting to flee an illegal cockfight. Read Full Article at

LeBron vs Zlatan: Please, spare us this epic ego clash

When two men with super-sized delusions of grandeur start trading blows, everyone else has to suffer. That’s exactly what’s happening with the spat between NBA icon LeBron James and football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Read Full Article at

China’s Xiaomi wants to create global manufacturing hub in India

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is planning to boost its presence in India by building three new facilities there. When it meets growing local demand, the firm may use India's production capacities for exports. Read Full Article at

US airstrikes ‘strengthen & expand’ terrorist activities in the region, Iran says

The recent US airstrikes on Iran-backed militias in Syria has shown that Washington is seeking to “revive” terrorism in the region and support now-shattered Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), a senior Iranian official has said. Read Full Article at

US air strikes ‘strengthen & expand’ terrorist activities in the region, Iran says

The recent US air strikes on Iran-backed militias in Syria has shown that Washington is seeking to “revive” terrorism in the region and support now-shattered Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), a senior Iranian official has said. Read Full Article at

‘Propaganda arm of the British regime?’ BBC reporter hounded for misquoting former Scottish premier

Scots are demanding the BBC’s Sarah Smith be held accountable after she claimed that former First Minister Alex Salmond said that current leader Nicola Sturgeon “should resign.” The only problem: Salmond said no such thing. Read Full Article at

Italian researchers create world’s 1st ‘smart tattoo’ using OLED tech

Scientists in the US and Italy claim to have created the world’s first temporary 'smart' tattoo using organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), which could revolutionize multiple fields, including sports science and food technology. Read Full Article at

Unmasking mysterious bitcoin inventor may send cryptomarket into tailspin, Coinbase warns

The largest US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, which is getting ready to go public, has named bitcoin’s developer, known to the world as Satoshi Nakamoto, as one of the major risks to its business. Read Full Article at

YouTuber Jake Paul eager to prove he’s ‘real deal’ ahead of Askren fight as he links up with ring legend Holyfield (VIDEO)

Ahead of his April boxing match with ex-UFC welterweight Ben Askren, internet prankster Jake Paul has teamed up with Evander Holyfield as the iconic ring veteran plots own path towards lucrative Mike Tyson rematch. Read Full Article at

Indian economy finally returns to growth, beating Covid-driven recession

Asia’s third-largest economy, India, managed to exit recession in the last three months of 2020, consolidating its recovery from the historic economic slump triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. Read Full Article at

Gigantic iceberg 20 times the size of Manhattan breaks off from Antarctica (VIDEO)

A vast iceberg measuring 1270 square km, or roughly 20 times the size of Manhattan, has broken off the 150-meter thick Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica roughly a decade after a crack was detected. Read Full Article at

‘Be ready in June’: Chimaev targets rival for comeback as he thanks UFC for ‘first-class’ Covid treatment

Khamzat Chimaev has signaled he is targeting a June octagon return, selecting welterweight rival Neil Magny as a potential opponent and thanking the UFC for their help in treating the lingering effects of a Covid-19 infection. Read Full Article at

Tiger Woods ‘recovering and in good spirits’ as career hangs in balance after horror car crash

Tiger Woods has had further procedures to numerous injuries he suffered in a car crash in Los Angeles, as the star was moved to a new medical facility amid fears that he may never play golf again. Read Full Article at

Children in UNICORN costumes ‘rob’ jewelry store in Russia (VIDEO)

Two children dressed as unicorns have raided a jewelry store in Russia’s Far East, smashing display cases and snatching a ring. The whole affair is likely a bizarre PR stunt by the store, however, local media reported. Read Full Article at

‘I speak from an educated mind, I’m the wrong guy to go at’: LeBron returns fire at Zlatan after being told to stick to sports

LeBron James has said he is “the wrong guy to go at” after Zlatan Ibrahimovic told the NBA icon to stay out of politics. Read Full Article at

New Zealand PM Ardern plunges Auckland into 2nd LOCKDOWN in a month after new Covid-19 case detected

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has imposed another lockdown on the city of Auckland and placed the remainder of the country under Level-2 restrictions, after another new case of Covid-19 was confirmed. Read Full Article at

Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package narrowly passes US House, $1,400 stimulus checks included

The US House of Representatives has narrowly passed the massive $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill. The package is now headed to the Senate, where the bill is expected to be stripped of its minimum wage hike provision. Read Full Article at

NYSE to delist oil giant CNOOC as Biden reviews Trump’s policies on China

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has decided to suspend trading in American depositary shares of China’s largest offshore oil producer CNOOC to comply with an executive order signed by former US President Donald Trump. Read Full Article at

WATCH Greek police fire tear gas into metro station amid protests in support of jailed far-left hitman

Clashes have erupted between Athens police and protesters supporting a jailed far-left hitman, who was hospitalized after a long hunger strike. Officers deployed irritant gases in an attempt to muscle the mob into a metro station. Read Full Article at

‘Safely recovered’: Lady Gaga's stolen bulldogs brought to LA police after pop star offers $500k reward with no strings attached

Two French bulldogs have been safely returned to pop star Lady Gaga after robbers stole the animals at gunpoint from her dog walker, who was shot in the struggle, according to LA police. Read Full Article at

Biden admin to charge White House reporters $170 per Covid test amid concerns smaller outlets will be squeezed out – reports

The Joe Biden administration is reportedly set to charge White House correspondents $170 a pop for daily coronavirus tests, stoking anger among reporters, some noting the move could cost struggling newsrooms thousands per week. Read Full Article at

Boston halts advanced school program over ‘equity’ concerns after study finds it has too many ‘white and Asian’ students

Public schools in Boston, Massachusetts are suspending new enrollment in an advanced study program citing concerns over “inequities” that supposedly emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to be more “antiracist.” Read Full Article at

World Economic Forum shouted down on Twitter for suggesting Covid-19 lockdowns ‘improved cities all over the world’

The World Economic Forum, globalist champion of the Great Reset, has ruffled feathers online with an “out-of-touch” tweet how Covid-19 lockdowns are “quietly improving cities” across the globe. Read Full Article at

NYT columnist faces conflict of interest accusations after singing praise for Facebook ‘Groups’ feature in tech giant’s blog post

New York Times writer David Brooks has come under fire for a potential conflict of interest after penning a blog post for Facebook’s corporate site while a project he helped to found accepted money from the social media giant. Read Full Article at
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