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How do we make sure that enough people get vaccinated to end the pandemic?

After a season of doubts, in the middle of an ongoing horror, there finally seems to be hope ahead. Not just the hope generated by the election and its outcome, but the hope of vaccines that can finally bring the nation—and the world—out from under t

Why the 2017 Las Vegas massacre was an act of right-wing domestic terrorism, and why it matters

One of the thorniest issues the team that I helped lead at Type Investigations and Reveal News as we compiled domestic-terrorism data from around the nation for our July report on “Domestic Terror in the Age of Trump” was the case of Stephen Paddock, who

Remember, you can buy more than just books at your favorite independent bookstore

As the nation has struggled to face the novel coronavirus pandemic, Daily Kos has covered the enormous burden the Trump administration has effectively placed on the shoulders of small business owners and their employees. We know, for example, that Black-owne

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Republican lies are simply a way of life for them

WaPo: Republicans lob accusations of elitism at ‘Middle Class Joe’ — a sign of the upended politics of populism President-elect Joe Biden, a state-college graduate who was once the poorest man in the U.S. Senate, is facing accusations of elitism fro

Cartoon: It ain't over

It’s over. Time for a change.

Trump's sadistic narcissism: The gift that could keep on giving to Republicans indefinitely

As we watch the slow-rolling train wreck Donald Trump is currently engineering for Republicans in Georgia, it's enjoyable to imagine what kind of havoc Trump may very well visit upon the GOP for the next several years. Precisely because Senate Repu

An infrastructure project everyone can love

There has to be a chicken crossing the road joke somewhere in here, but I’m not finding it. Nevertheless, here’s several minutes of wildlife having a much easier journey through Utah because of a brand new wildlife crossing. x«It's working!»

Cartoon: 'Tis the season to be lame ducky

Two more months with this guy’s fingers on the nuclear codes. Even without the pandemic, it’s best to stay home.

This holiday season, give Santa some time off

Whether you celebrate a religious holiday or not, the winter season often involves some form of gift-giving. Perhaps that’s within your immediate or extended family, coworkers, or friends. Whether you have your own children or not, people often give gifts t

Can Trump pardon himself? Arguably no, but that doesn't mean he won't try it

We know that at least since 2017, Trump has been consumed with one question: Can he grant himself a pardon? «One former White House official said Trump asked about self-pardons as well as pardons for his family. Trump even asked if he could issue p

Biden plans to make climate change an 'all-of-government' agenda

Let's just start by acknowledging that whatever the incoming Biden administration does on climate change, it likely won't be enough for environmental activists and it likely shouldn't be. Nonetheless, we are starting to get some encouraging news about Joe Bid

Walmart, McDonald's, Amazon, Dollar Tree, FedEx, rely on having workers on SNAP and Medicaid

Government assistance is something that millions of Americans rely on. This is not simply an issue of people who have gainful employment versus those who do not. This is an issue of income inequality, stagnating wages, and employers who rely on welfare to hei

Beyond the big box: Feel-better alternatives for creative holiday gift shopping

This Black Friday will probably be a little different—I hope?—from the usual stampede of whipped up consumerism, but it will still kick off the official holiday shopping season. Let’s say you want to opt part of the way out of hypercommercialized Christ

Meet the woman behind North Carolina’s immigrant-owned mask-sewing business

For almost two decades, Leticia Mercado has been a textile worker, zooming along on a sewing machine, her hands a blur. In fact, when she spoke to Prism over Zoom on Tuesday, she was sitting at a sewing station in her garage, which has been converted into a w

Young voters, particularly young voters of color, helped push Biden-Harris to victory

Youth voters aged 18-29 participated in the 2020 election in far greater numbers than in 2016, according to a new turnout analysis released by the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE). A majority of young people

'Sense of relief for a moment': DACA recipients react to Trump's defeat and the work still ahead

Claudio Quinonez, a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient and organizer with immigrant youth-led group United We Dream, said it’s a world of difference between how he felt the day after the 2016 election and the day after the 2020 ele

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of cash

Whether you explicitly partake in the winter holiday season or not, it’s likely you participate in some kind of gift exchange. With the novel coronavirus pandemic continuing to roar across the nation, this holiday season may look different for many of us. I

Giving Thanks The Turkeys Are Leaving

x Vimeo Video It seems like a good time to pause, reflect and . . . thank God the idiots are leaving. (Fingers crossed.) With the transition now officially kicked off by Trump cultist Emily Murphy of the previously invisible General Services Administration

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: When the conspiracy comes home to roost

Politico: Trump’s conspiracies have MAGA world talking Georgia boycott It's hard to tell if the online chatter reflects wider voter sentiment, but some Republicans have expressed concern. The swelling anger is not just emanating from everyday QAnon beli

Listen: A remarkably soothing hourlong underwater symphony of humpback whales singing

Four years ago this month, a trio of humpback whales—two adults and a juvenile, sex unknown—decided to spend several hours hanging out along the western side of Washington State’s San Juan Island and vocalizing. No one could see them because it wa

When donating to your local food bank, don't forget the spices (seriously)

If there’s one piece of advice people love offering up to low-income folks, it’s that you can save money by cooking at home. On the surface, that’s understandable—if you prepare your meal at home, you can (hypothetically) cook in bulk, avoid paying fo

Trump refuses to concede, but finally admits he'll leave the White House in January

Today in things that should in no way be news, but are, Donald Trump said he would leave the White House if (when) the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden. Trump took questions from reporters late Thursday afternoon after speaking remotely t

After a decade of BS 'war on ...' rhetoric, the Republican Party destroyed Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving. Like every holiday in the world, individuals and families celebrate it or don’t celebrate it in their own way. Christmas is similar—you may celebrate it, or or you may not. But one thing is for sure: Whichever holidays you and you

A moment of zen (or hours-long time suck) for your holiday

It’s that season: the season when you’re supposed to be counting your blessings, thinking of the things for which you’re thankful, and generally being full of peace and goodwill to all. Thinking about 2020 makes that a particularly surreal activity

The perfect solution to families missing out on this Thanksgiving: Let's have another one

Republican politicians at both state and national levels are sneering at the whole idea of putting their families’ protection from a deadly disease ahead of their annual can of cranberry jelly. The latest head of Trump’s coronavirus task force is eve

Please donate this holiday: Families going hungry at rates not seen since Great Depression

Stories have been pouring forth across the country of food pantries seeing Depression-era levels of hunger and food insecurity. The Rhode Island Community Food Bank, for instance, says the number of people experiencing hunger has jumped from 9% last year to 2

This pandemic-year Thanksgiving, think hard about the system that has workers on the job today

Every Thanksgiving, people across the United States gather with their family and friends to celebrate and eat and be with their loved ones. And at the same time, people across the United States are at work—maybe having rescheduled their holiday meal ar

Trump Supreme Court shows how bad it's going to be with order putting churches above public health

Hours before Thanksgiving, we got an ugly look at what the fully Trumpified Supreme Court is going to bring us. The court of Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett brought us an unsigned order saying that New York’s public health gui

Check out the skilled, grueling work it takes to grow and harvest your Thanksgiving ingredients

Thanksgiving is all about the food, but few of us know much about the work that goes into getting that food to grocery store shelves. The work done on farms is physically grueling, often done in intense heat, but it’s not just that. Much of it is&

Spending Thanksgiving solo? 10 tips on how to handle holiday blues

As the nation continues to face the novel coronavirus pandemic, many people are changing up their holiday plans. In a year where a lot of norms have already shifted dramatically, not seeing friends or family for the holiday season may feel especially tough t

Cartoon: The hilarious hijinks of Trump's coup

Announcing the new GIFT BOOK PACKAGE: Send the two new Tom the Dancing Bug books, Tom the Dancing Bug: Into the Trumpverse, and The Super-Fun-Pak Comix Reader, to a liked/loved one this holiday season. Signed, sketched, inscribed, etc. Order here. «Rub

Wednesday Night Owls: Principles for relief, recovery, and rebuilding the U.S. economy

Night Owls, a themed open thread, appears at Daily Kos seven days a week Josh Bivens at the Economic Policy Institute writes in Principles for the relief and recovery phase of rebuilding the U.S. economy that “an overwhelmingly policy response” is

David Dinkins, whose 1989 win made him New York City's first Black mayor, dies at 93

Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins, a Democrat whose 1989 victory made him the first Black leader of America’s largest city, died Monday at the age of 93. Dinkins, who was close to a number of influential Harlem politicos, including future Rep. Char

Comcast claims it’s hiking prices to pay for imaginary infrastructure and content it already owns

The only thing more American holiday season than conservatives pretending that liberals want to destroy them, is telecommunication companies telling consumers that right around the holiday season they are going to raise the prices of their services for b

Fox News finally pays undisclosed price for falsely reporting Seth Rich’s death for political gain

While Fox News attempts to stay in the niche swirling the toilet bowl drain of ultra-right wing nationalism, it is important to remember that Fox News created the fake news space and showed the world how profitable hate and fearmongering could really be. Bac

Stacey Abrams joins in as Romancelandia goes big for the Georgia Senate runoffs

In addition to having driven so much change in Georgia’s electorate, Stacey Abrams is a romance author. So it’s appropriate that, with two Senate runoffs coming up in the state, one of the most exciting fundraising efforts is coming from a group of romanc

Delusional Trump dials into farcical Gettysburg committee hearing to push more imaginary fraud

Donald Trump’s efforts to discredit the election results are descending into pure parody. But Trump, who is desperate to overturn Pennsylvania's certified vote, wasn't desperate enough apparently to appear in person at a Pennsylvania sta

Earth Matters: Giant solar farm planned for Texas; 'unprecedented' not OED's 'Word of the Year'

Earth Matters is a weekly feature of Daily Kos.  • Response to pandemic cuts greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, but it’s just a blip: The World Meteorological Organization reported Monday that global emissions this year will fal

Amid months of protests, Seattle mayor to sign budget that cuts police funding by nearly 20%

In a year when the progressive campaign to Defund the Police has gained momentum, some cities have made actual moves to push the concept into reality. As Daily Kos covered, for example, the Minneapolis City Council announced a plan to dismantle the city’s p

Exhausted Dr. Fauci's final plea: Stay the f@¢k home on Thanksgiving to avoid another COVID-19 surge

Dr. Anthony Fauci is exhausted. We, as a nation, haven’t listened to his wise words for most of the year, and people have paid for it with their lives. Literally. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving—typically the heaviest travel day of th
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