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Wednesday night owls: Sen. Warren blasts Trump regime for outbidding states on medical supplies

Night Owls is a themed open thread at Daily Kos. Julia Conley at Common Dreams writes—'Massachusetts Is Not Happy': Warren Condemns Trump for Outbidding States, Seizing Key Medical Supplies: Sen. Elizabeth Warren is demanding to know why the Trump admi

Michigan man accidentally shoots himself in the leg with gun he purchased during coronavirus panic

Stupid decisions lead to stupid outcomes. A Michigan man accidentally shot himself in the leg with a gun he says he purchased to protect himself during the COVID-19 pandemic chaos. The man was reportedly treated at a hospital in Battle Creek, where he told p

Spring breakers return to Austin with fond memories and positive results for COVID-19

In another case of spring break gone wild, a group of young adults from Texas came back from spring break with some rough news: They tested positive for coronavirus. About 70 adults in their 20s returned from a spring break trip in Mexico on March 19. Twenty-

When it comes to packing the federal courts, McConnell and Trump have no shame—and no principles

Focusing on the long-term—especially about matters of governmental and political process—isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do in the middle of a pandemic. However, Republicans never seem to think it’s the wrong time to push every button made availabl

Biden honors doctors, nurses, first responders in new video

Former Vice President Joe Biden followed up his video using Donald Trump's own words to devastating effect with another coronavirus-themed ad. After the first one showed Trump’s lack of leadership in the crisis, a new video features Biden talking about

Caught in another lie: Trump claims COVID-19 testing isn't 'a problem' but quicker test on the way

President Donald Trump is covering his eyes again and telling people he doesn’t see a problem. This time, he told governors via conference call regarding the coronavirus Monday that he had not “heard about testing in weeks,” according to The New York

COVID-19 news: Trump gaslights America, police close down reopened Hobby Lobby stores

Donald Trump's delays in responding to the building wave of a COVID-19 pandemic have now created a «best case» scenario of between 100,000—240,000 American deaths, according to government experts. The result: A new push by Donald Trump to insis

Police close some Hobby Lobby locations after stores defy state order and reopen during pandemic

As the United States scrambles to handle the novel coronavirus pandemic, nonessential businesses have been closing across the nation. In an effort to minimize large crowds and the number of people being exposed (or exposing others), businesses like movie thea

It’s census time. Here’s what it does, why it’s important, and what to expect amid COVID-19

Ever wonder how resources were allocated in your community? Or maybe why there are not enough hospital beds in the region where you reside? The census plays a big role in how state and local governments make decisions and how the federal government allocate

California's SF Bay Area nailed coronavirus response, everyone should heed its lessons

Meet a real American hero, Sarah Cody. She is Santa Clara County’s (San Jose) Public Health Officer, and she was the individual who convinced seven San Francisco Bay Area counties  to shut down March 16. Those counties were the areas around San Francisc

Coronavirus myths: 'I had it back in January'

In terms of the most circulated myths concerning the 2019 novel coronavirus, this one may be the most persistent, the most widespread, and the one that more than any other fills up my inbox after every post: The idea that you, your friends, and your relative

Trump creates roadblock to Social Security beneficiaries, veterans from receiving $1,200 payment

Donald Trump absolutely cannot be just a not shitty, petty person. His administration is creating barriers to Social Security beneficiaries, disabled people who have Supplemental Security Income, and veterans with pensions trying to get their $1,200 payments

Cartoon: Quarantine TV

Are you watching the adult programming, or the kid shows?

Hospitals to doctors and nurses: Shut up about equipment shortages or you're fired

Hospital staff have been frantically trying to get the word out: They are slammed with COVID-19 patients and they don’t have enough personal protective equipment to handle all the patients safely. But in some cases the effort to let the public know the sev

Another federal judge does what ICE won't do and orders release of more immigrants amid pandemic

The courts have continued to protect immigrants who are at risk due to Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s refusal to free people amid the coronavirus crisis, after a federal judge on Tuesday ordered federal immigration officials to immediately releas

Wisconsin's April 7 elections poised to be a fiasco; governor calls National Guard to staff polls

Despite a now-raging pandemic, Wisconsin remains the only state still insisting on holding their April presidential primary, state, and local elections as scheduled. They will take place as usual, on April 7. You can blame both Democratic Gov. Tony Evers a

Where are the drive-thru COVID-19 testing locations Trump promised? Here they are. All 5 of them

On Friday, March 13, Donald Trump stood in the Rose Garden of the White House alongside the CEOs of mega-corporations like Walmart, Target, and Walgreens. Together they announced there would be nationwide testing done in the parking lots of the huge retailer

COVID-19: Should we all be wearing masks?

At first the answer seemed simple—only those who were sick needed to wear a mask. This testified both to the fact that a normal face mask isn’t proof against viral particles, and concerns that existed even then about the possibility that nurses and docto

Trump still insisting governors kiss his ass to get depleting, critical supplies

Welcome to the COVID-19 Games, where the tributes are governors fighting for the scraps of critical protective gear still available, and where success still depends on kissing Trump's ass. Last week Trump was playing quid pro quo with Americans lives, tellin

Pence in la-la land: 'I don't believe the president has ever belittled the threat of coronavirus'

Vice President Mike Pence is either suffering amnesia or is just an out-and-out liar. Appearing on CNN Wednesday morning, he told Wolf Blitzer “I don't believe the president has ever belittled the threat of the coronavirus.” As they say in the news busine

Legislators demand ICE release detainees: 'A decision to do nothing is a decision to do harm'

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and more than a dozen senators led by California’s Kamala Harris have been among the latest legislators calling for the release of people from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody, where action now could

Trump refuses to open Obamacare enrollment to save lives of uninsured

There can be no question that President Donald Trump simply doesn't care how many people die in this coronavirus pandemic. There's no other explanation for why he chose to counter the advice of health officials and keep the Affordable Care Act marketplace clo

Schiff drafting plans for 9/11-styled commission to investigate failed pandemic preparations

In an interview with Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff says that his staff is now working on a «discussion draft» for creating an independent commission to investigate the failures of th

Google bans political ads on coronavirus crisis, allows Trump administration's politicized message

Google says it’s trying to crack down on misinformation and price-gouging by banning most ads relating to coronavirus. But there’s a presidential campaign on, the guy in office is not shy about using government resources to promote himself, and Google’

New York Governor Cuomo calls coronavirus 'great equalizer,' but is it really?

Thanks to presidential leadership amounting to little more than xenophobic accusations and denial, the coronavirus pandemic is spreading so rapidly in the United States that New York alone has more COVID-19 cases than China’s Hubei province, where the pand

Coronavirus myths: China's numbers and the 'real' danger of COVID-19

When it comes to the level of justifiable fear and equally justifiable concerns that people are simply not getting the truth, the coronavirus pandemic surely rivals any event this side of World War II. It certainly doesn’t help that some of the most harmfu

Trump obliterates Republican excuse for his abysmal coronavirus response

President Donald Trump actually made at least one true statement during Tuesday’s White House briefing on the novel coronavirus. When it comes to the way he handled the administration’s response, he wasn’t affected one bit by impeachment. “I don't t

The path to flipping the Senate—and ridding us of Mitch McConnell—starts in North Carolina

With the novel coronavirus pandemic bearing down on us and the nation in dire need of urgent congressional action, what did Sen. Mitch McConnell do? He sent the Senate home and went on vacation for a long weekend in Kentucky, accompanied by none other than B

Add White House economists' 2019 report to list of pandemic warnings Team Trump ignored

The number of warnings the Trump White House had that a pandemic might be a problem would be almost comical if we weren’t living in a tragedy. A study just last September warned that a pandemic could kill hundreds of thousands of people and badly damage th

Trump is playing the media with his 'grave' and 'grim' new tone

Donald Trump continues to play the media and the media continues to be willing to be played. Every time he puts on his serious face and admits what he denied for so long about the seriousness of the novel coronavirus, he gets another round of headlines tha

An inspiring amount of Americans are practicing social distancing, according to new poll

In the age of social media, it’s likely that most people find out what friends, family members, and the rest of the general population is up to by what we’re sharing online. Depending on how you use the internet, however, you might have a pretty narrow fi

Amnesiac Trump pretends he never tried to ignore coronavirus until it went away like a 'miracle'

Miracle? Not so much. During Tuesday’s coronavirus briefing, federal officials projected that the nation would experience at least 100,000 to 240,000 deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic if people across the country successfully maintain social distanci

Trump doesn't care about the dead. He only cares if they selfishly cost him his reelection

Donald Trump is an absolute disaster of a president. Anyone who makes George W. Bush look good in comparison is beyond redemption. Everything we thought he was—a narcissistic incompetent asshole who surrounds himself with a motley crew of felonious characte

More questionable stock sales show up in wealthy Republican senator's latest financial disclosure

Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s financial disclosures from late February and early March are simply fascinating. We already knew that Loeffler sold off a lot of stock in early February, while buying stock in a company positioned to do well during coronavirus shutdo

Morning Digest: Anti-tax hardliners launch costly campaign against old enemy in Kansas Senate race

The Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest is compiled by David Nir, Jeff Singer, Stephen Wolf, Carolyn Fiddler, and Matt Booker, with additional contributions from David Jarman, Steve Singiser, Daniel Donner, James Lambert, David Beard, and Arjun Jaikumar. Lead

Auntie Maxine takes Trump to the Twitter woodshed

When Trump tried to show off his “expertise” on Monday, he incorrectly told White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor that the population of Seoul Korea is 38 million. (It’s actually about 10 million.) Meanwhile, the fiercest black woman in the Hou

First 'caught with our pants down' in prep for pandemic, now dragging feet to approve COVID-19 mask

It’s hardly a secret that officials have failed to adequately respond to and prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic. Now—as if the United States is in any position to decline resources to help prevent the spread of the virus—the federal government is refusi

Columbia Sportswear Co. CEO reduces salary to $10K to avoid layoffs, pay employees during pandemic

As retail stores close nationwide due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, corporations have begun to lay off workers by the thousands. Those who are not being laid off potentially face time off without pay, coupled with the uncertainty of when they will retur

If you have cable, you are subsidizing Fox News. It might be time to cut the cord. Here's how

This is an important thread and I highly recommend you read it:  x1/ I want to share a bit about Fox News, advertisers, revenue and accountability.Let me first start by saying that, Fox News is actually suffering quite severely on the advertiser front. (Th

Thousands of people push back as Trump continues his blatant disrespect of black women journalists

It was good to see #WeLoveYamiche trending on Twitter after President Donald Trump once again openly disrespected black female journalist Yamiche Alcindor, who is the White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour. Thousands of people took to Twitter to show s
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