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America’s deadly wealth pyramid: Eric Garner stood his ground and was crushed for it

Garner scratched-out a living in the gray market. «Not today,» he said when cops came for him. Now he's dead

Racism, Inc.: How Donald Trump profits from xenophobia

Until we understand how Trump profits from his racism, we won’t be able to effectively counter it

I was a hostage at the 2018 Trader Joe's shooting. Here's what I know now about trauma

I've learned that trauma is humbling, and it can't be overpowered by will alone

I drink while I do everything else, why wouldn't my cooking benefit if I drink while I do it?

I am a maestro of mayhem in the kitchen and my cooking only gets better when I drink

Summer TV: It's even hotter inside these reality shows, where contestants play with fire

Go make something, you lazies. Be inspired by «Forged in Fire» and «Blown Away,» Netflix's glassblowing competition

Why won’t the charter school industry acknowledge its failures?

Nationwide, the litany of charter school outrages continues to grow. Why won't the industry reform?

Do politicians actually care about your opinions? This researcher says no

Political scientist Ethan Porter says state legislators are driven by party loyalty, don't care what public thinks

The symbolic power of Gina Torres's new drama «Pearson,» right now

In debuting the same week that powerful women of color came attack, Gina Torres' «Suits» spinoff is right on time

Trump echoes Coolidge who stoked fear rather than face tech-based economic change he failed to stem

In the 1920s the US was awash in anti-immigrant rhetoric stemming from white fear about power but also technology

Donald Trump is gambling racism will win for him in 2020

His “send her back” rally in North Carolina rivaled Hitler’s rallies in Nuremberg

Stephen Miller wants zero refugee admissions in 2020. He may (almost) get it

Reports suggest Trump administration may cut refugee admissions by 90%. That's not enough for Stephen Miller

George Takei opens up about his childhood in Japanese American internment camps and Donald Trump

Salon spoke with Takei about his graphic memoir «The Called Us Enemy» and how Trump's policies are a «new low»

«Don't move,» I texted him: A Salon After Dark read

I felt a trickle of power pinging up the nerves in my spine. He was waiting for me to offer further instruction

It's time to talk about preserving historical sites on the Moon

Over 70 years, humans left 40,000 pounds of equipment behind on the Moon. Should we preserve this lunar history?

Who is the white Al Sharpton?

Is there a white person out there designated as the go-to white person for black people to consult?

Don't buy Trump's disavowal of the «send her back» chant: His fans definitely won't

Stop self-trolling, journalists: Trump's supporters understand that when he walks back racism, he doesn't mean it

Why do the cats in «Cats» look like medieval art gone wrong? And other burning questions

Nobody asked for the live-action film adaptation of «Cats» — but now we have questions

«Send her back» is nothing new: Racism and xenophobia are Trump's only political strategy

Trump suggested Barack Obama was a foreigner and said Syrian refugees «could be ISIS ... they're going back»

Ilhan Omar takes up the BDS fight, and conflicted Democrats moan and bicker

Omar isn't backing down, and now tackles an issue where moderate Democrats sound exactly like Republicans

Rush Limbaugh admits GOP's fiscal attacks on Obama were «bogus,» defends Trump's deficit

Death of the deficit hawks: «Nobody is a fiscal conservative anymore,» says host who drove the Tea Party uprising

The ocean is teeming with microplastic — and it's leaching into our food systems

The ocean is a mess of microplastic — and it's trickling into humans' food systems

Pineapple on pizza is actually good — you've just been eating it wrong

Pineapples on pizza makes the best slice, but it is supernal when you add this one magic ingredient

Media expert: How Tucker Carlson and Fox News have mainstreamed «unfettered white nationalism»

Media Matters' Madeline Peltz on how Carlson's quest to go viral and «trigger the libs» has altered reality

Ben Carson: Donald Trump's faulty human shield against accusations of racism

Trump's only black Cabinet member was sent to Fox News to explain away the president's racism. Of course he blew it

Prosecutions for child sex trafficking plummet under Trump: Maybe it's a coincidence

Despite Epstein case, sex-trafficking prosecutions fall by 26% — likely because of focus on border crossings

Rep. Ilhan Omar introduces resolution affirming boycotts as protected free speech

Resolution affirming boycotts as First Amendment right co-sponsored by Reps. John Lewis and Rashida Tlaib

Porgy is the trash fish of the summer

An awareness of what harm a sudden taste for panfish can do to a species means you choose your darlings carefully

Why that FaceApp aging challenge went viral — despite privacy questions

Why do these selfie challenges take over our timelines?

More backlash for Alyssa Milano over her support of Marianne Williamson's presidential bid

This criticism comes just months after the actor slash progressive activist's #SexStrike was roundly denounced

Republicans will never say that racism is «racism.» Basically it's because they're racist

There's nothing Donald Trump can ever say or do that's bad enough for most Republicans to admit he's racist

Newly-resurfaced video shows Trump and Epstein discussing women as they party together at Mar-a-Lago

“I was not a fan of his — that I can tell you,” Trump said of Epstein last week in the Oval Office

Liz Cheney goes all-in on Trump's racism: Meet the future of the Republican Party

NIkki Haley, once a GOP rising star, has gone silent. But another woman is ready to grab the golden dog-whistle

Whose country is «broken and crime infested,» Mr. President? Spoiler: It's ours

Trump's racist outburst contained blind, accidental honesty. This is the struggling country that needs help

Republicans claim reverse racism in defending Trump's racism: It won't work

Republicans push back at Nancy Pelosi for speaking the truth about Trump. It delights their base, but that's all

«White Identity Politics» and white backlash: How we wound up with a racist in the White House

Political scientist Ashley Jardina: How a bunch of dangerous myths brought us a «president for white people»

«Game of Thrones,» «Mrs. Maisel» rule the Emmy nominations — at the cost of «Better» Things

HBO won the Lannister's share of nods. Among the snubbed: «Better Things» and «Better Call Saul» star Rhea Seehorn

«Nickel and Dimed» for the Amazon age: Inside the hellish new reality of low-wage work

Salon talks to the author of a new book about the low-paying jobs technology has ruined — for the workers, that is

The media's «Made in America» problem: Trump creates racist controversy, gets free campaign coverage

Trump's racist tweets are part of his latest effort to get free campaign coverage, forcing the news to cover him

Trump believes white nationalism is a winning strategy — because Fox News tells him so

Fox News has gone so deep into white nationalism that Donald Trump now believes that's how he'll win in 2020
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