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Why SpaceX's plan to put 25,000 satellites in orbit is bad news for astronomers

Elon Musk's plot to put 25,000 satellites in Earth orbit will make ground-based astronomy much more difficult

The Force is strong with “The Mandalorian” debut, but not the glitchy Disney+ launch

The first live-action «Star Wars» series delights with action and a surprise twist – if you got Disney+ to work

Hard evidence that Stephen Miller is a white nationalist — and why that isn't «old news»

Internet cynics claim we all knew about Miller already. So why has the right worked so hard to cover up the truth?

The “Lady and the Tramp” live-action remake is a little ruff

They’re all good dogs, but the CGI mouth movements prioritize movie magic over the traditional Disney magic

Trump last line of impeachment defense: Repeating big lies about Joe Biden

Trump can't defend himself on the merits. But he might be able to muddy the waters by falsely accusing Joe Biden

Press Watch: After all its great reporting, Washington Post self-gaslights on impeachment

Days after publishing damning reports on Trump's conduct, WaPo bizarrely suggests he was a «supporting character»

Send in the clowns: Impeachment is serious stuff, but GOP wants a circus

Expect Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes to go full goofball. Adam Schiff and the Democrats will have none of it

Olivia Benson isn't coming to see me: What I learned about justice from «Law & Order: SVU»

The people are represented by two separate criminal justice systems: real life and the one on TV

The Rolling Stones' «Let It Bleed» at 50: An even darker «Gimme Shelter» emerges

On the new deluxe anniversary edition of «Let It Bleed,» remastering also gives their lesser classics a new shine

Mo Rocca on «Mobituaries,» celebrity deaths and what we get wrong about Billy Carter

Salon talks to Mo Rocca about presidential history and why New Jersey should re-name a rest stop after Meryl Streep

New York Times columnist urges Democrats to «seize the center» — and drive away the left

Thomas Edsall's centrism fetish goes into overdrive with new argument that Democrats must «alienate» progressives

Don Jr. storms out over far-right hecklers at event for his book about liberals «silencing» speech

Don Jr. abruptly ends event trashing «triggered» liberals after protesters in MAGA hats shouted him down

Wrongfully convicted. 21 years in prison. Pardoned by Obama. Mr. Wash reflects on a remarkable life

Mr. Wash was sentenced to life for a crime he didn't commit. Now he's an artist with his own documentary

In “Watchmen,” just as in real life, feelings about Vietnam remain uncertain

Easter eggs can be found in the Milk & Hanoi bakery, Lady Trieu’s name, and more. But what do they all mean?

Who fights our «forever wars»? Pulitzer-winner C.J. Chivers on the true cost of Iraq and Afghanistan

Award-winning author of «The Fighters» and «The Gun» on the «enormous human consequence» of America's wars

Why one philosopher believes dogs are the bridge between humanity and nature

Mark Alizart argues that dogs are the bridge between nature and us — and, like us, possess a «will to be»

Finally “Rick and Morty” is back with the inspiring nihilism we crave

The Emmy-winning Adult Swim series is back for Season 4, with changes teased by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland

How Knorr seasoning became a staple in Mexican American kitchens

This German seasoning brand is indispensable for that authentic umami and zing in Mexican & Latin American cuisine

Who is Rudy Giuliani's friend «Charles»? An accidental text may have outed his identity

Rudy Giuliani's new fixer seems to connect a lot of dots

Class warfare: Billionaires vs. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Forces of wealth and privilege are outraged that they have to face not one, but two progressive candidates

Mothers and monsters: On writing through the terror of parenthood

«I don’t understand how a mother could write a book like that,» my neighbor told me. How could I not?

Saeed Jones on «How We Fight For Our Lives» and writing with «skin in the game»

Salon talks to the award-winning author of the new memoir «How We Fight For Our Lives»

These spiked apple crisp cheesecake bars are better than any pumpkin dessert you'll have this fall

«The quintessential fall dessert is the apple crisp, because it is so cozy,» pastry chef Meghan McGarry tells Salon

CNN’s Brian Stelter reflects on “The View” venom and leaving Trump out of “The Morning Show”

Salon talks to the CNN media analyst about his work with the Apple TV+ drama and the challenge morning TV faces

Lindy West reclaims the «witch hunt»: On comedy, feminism and why terrible men think they're victims

In her new book «The Witches Are Coming,» Lindy West turns her gimlet eye on the ruin of America in the Trump era

Anyone who says, «It's the economy, stupid» is being stupid

In a new Gilded Age of massive economic inequality, «the economy» is an abstraction meant to conceal ugly reality

The unbearable wrongness of William Barr: Secularism doesn't destroy society or moral order

If secularism truly resulted in moral deterioration, then highly secular societies would be decaying. They're not

He’s back! Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort resurfaces — at the heart of Ukraine inquiry

Is the man who ran Trump's campaign for free the mastermind behind the most unhinged Ukraine conspiracy theory?

Trump told Gordon Sondland to extort Ukraine. Now he claims to “hardly know” him.

Last month, Sondland was a «really good man» and a «great American.» Now? «I hardly know the gentleman»

Amazon's electioneering in Seattle is more evidence that capitalism and democracy are incompatible

Amazon's tiny investment in PACs will make at least one-third of Seattle's city council into their lackeys

«Doctor Sleep» is gleefully gruesome and does right by Kubrick and King

Starring Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson, the film is the logical and spiritual continuation to «The Shining»

A «Rick and Morty» guide to 9 essential episodes to get schwifty for Season 4

Whether you're a newcomer or need a refresher, here are the must-watch episodes for the Adult Swim series' return

Is Mitch McConnell afraid this Kentucky sports radio host will run against him?

Republicans forced a popular Kentucky radio host off the air, and fans are rallying with #FreeMattJones

Netflix's «The Devil Next Door» is a chilling examination of the fear of Nazis among us

From the «Wild Wild Country» producers, the series questions if this is mistaken identity or a chance at justice

Press Watch: Dems could make the case on impeachment — journalists could still say they failed

Political media is conditioned to look for theatrical moments and zingy soundbites. But impeachment isn't TV drama

Now Mike Bloomberg wants to run: Why are these whiny billionaires all up in our faces?

Michael Bloomberg's proposed run is just the latest in a series of billionaire tantrums over Elizabeth Warren's run

Republicans' incoherent defenses: From «no quid pro quo» to «he's a moron»

Exhausted Republicans have given up on the claim that Trump did nothing wrong. All they've got left is «he's dumb»

Legal experts: Gordon Sondland's revised testimony could seal Donald Trump's doom

EU ambassador's new testimony could be «smoking gun» that implicates president in Ukraine coercion campaign

Republicans won't concede: They react to sweeping losses by attacking democracy

Matt Bevin hopes the Kentucky legislature will just appoint him governor: One more sign Republicans hate democracy
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