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How the «Great British Baking Show» flaked out on us when we needed it most

Those craving stability and something purely sweet may feel like the latest season came up short. But ... is it us?

Shepard Smith about his life after Fox News and the war on truth: «All of that noise is destructive»

Smith tells Salon he's looking forward to the day when people can look back and say, «I really was misinformed»

How to build the ideal holiday leftovers sandwich, according to food professionals

Some surprise answers include avocado, sharp cheddar and shredded lettuce

Retail lobby pushes to keep stores open for the holiday season as workers fear for their lives

If you walk into a store and it's crowded, «leave,» experts say. But retail workers don't have that option

Our worst pre-existing condition: Big Pharma

Tax aversion and using public funds for private profits are part and parcel to the pharmaceutical industry

Take Trump's coup seriously. It's no joke — and Biden's win was just a sugar high

There's nothing «normal» about this moment. Even if Trump reluctantly leaves office, immense damage has been done

Cleaning up Trump's mess: The job begins Day One. Biden is ready

That bad taste is already starting to fade, isn't it? Biden can deal with some of the worst stuff right away

Perdue traded hundreds of thousands worth of bank stocks while on Senate Banking Committee

Georgia senator co-sponsored 14 bills benefiting finance industry, and got millions in campaign contributions

Thanksgiving and «The Wire»: My true Baltimore story about the streets, writing and TV

The year «The Wire» ended, I had never seen it, even though it reflected my own life in Baltimore at the time

«The Flight Attendant,» Kaley Cuoco's new first class thriller, is a darkly satisfying ride

The star's next act brings out all of the qualities that made her «Big Bang Theory» character winning and adds bite

Consider the wishbone: What we can learn from a Thanksgiving turkey's bones

It started almost 3,000 years ago with the Etruscans, who believed birds could foretell the future

Did anything good happen in 2020? We dared ourselves to look for the bright spots

2020 has been awful — but a few good things did happen this year

This Thanksgiving holiday, we «celebrate» America's departure from reality

Donald Trump's delusions and conspiracy theories are only one aspect of a distinctive American bias against reality

A sweet Thanksgiving after all: America has rebuffed Trump's assault on democracy

So much went wrong in 2020. There has been death, suffering and immense anxiety. But our nation will be stronger

We asked mental health experts how to cope with a lonely Thanksgiving

Millions of Americans will be having Thanksgiving alone thanks to the pandemic

Wretched David Bowie biopic «Stardust» should be launched into the sun

Ground Control to Major Tom: Your biopic's dead; there's something wrong

Trump isn't the reason we can't quit Trump — the obsession is really about his followers

Trump may believe otherwise, but he's a huge bore. His followers' unbreakable loyalty is what's so fascinating

Trump's bizarre Georgia play: He wants to show Republicans he's still the boss

Georgia Republicans have descended into backstabbing, with the Senate on the line. Trump probably likes it that way

GOP poised to gerrymander its hold on power — Democrats fall short in nearly every key state

Republicans will have power to gerrymander 188 congressional districts while Dems hold control over just 73 seats

Biden's incoming press secretary needs to throw open the White House windows

There's an antidote to the lies, con games and cover-ups of the Trump era. But it's not getting back to «normal»

Secret meeting between Netanyahu, Pompeo and Prince Mohammed: Last-minute war plot?

Israeli leader and secretary of state reportedly flew to Saudi Arabia for secret meeting. What was on the agenda?

Roger Stone-linked group urges voters to write in Trump in Georgia runoffs as revenge against GOP

A fringe group of Republicans is trying to sink the GOP's Senate hopes as retaliation after Trump's loss in Georgia

Don't just laugh at «Hillbilly Elegy» — its damaging myths still need to be countered

J.D. Vance's memoir and the movie perpetuate dangerous stereotypes about Appalachia, poverty, women and addiction

A reliable pandemic forecasting model says cases will nearly double by Inauguration Day

As case numbers explode across the country, Biden is poised to inherit a drastically worse crisis

Give it a rest, Republicans — no one wants to take away Turkey Day

The imaginary «war on Thanksgiving» is just Republicans grasping for post-Trump bulls**t to rile up the base

Enough cowardice: Democrats must forge ahead, without caring what the Trumpers say

Trump's delusional supporters will rage and scream no matter what. Democrats should quit trying to make peace

The ruling elite's war on truth: America's leaders are increasingly disconnected from reality

Republicans and Democrats are equally complicit in the seizure of power by global corporations and billionaires

Progressives praise early Biden picks, but worry his team is stacked with “corporatists”

Left has been surprisingly supportive of Biden's choices so far — but some appointments seen as «betrayal»

Federal judge calls Trump suit argued by Rudy Giuliani «Frankenstein's Monster» and dismisses case

The Trump campaign and allies have lost or withdrawn from more than 30 lawsuits challenging Joe Biden's victory

FX's stunning «Black Narcissus» remake leaves the viewer in a state of unrequited desire

Amanda Coe's ethereal adaptation is as visually arresting as the original 1947 film but nun the wiser

How Trump's tweets inadvertently mobilized hundreds of thousands suburban women against him

The 230,000-member group «'Suburban Housewives' Against Trump» spurred suburban liberal women into action

«Murder on Middle Beach» and the frustrations of trying to solve your family's own true crime story

In looking into his mother's murder, Madison Hamburg uncovers secrets, financial ruin, and shady pyramid schemes

Trump's on his way out, but leaves a lasting legacy: The right's open embrace of terrorism

How did the Kenosha shooter post $2 million in bail? Because conservatives are normalizing right-wing terrorism

Two cheers for the Never Trumpers: At least they're speaking up now

While most Republicans remain silent during Trump's coup attempt, don't brush off conservatives who've stood up

What will American politics be like after Trump? First of all, he's not going away

Trump's coup is collapsing, but the damage is done. He's shown us the system is broken. What will we do about it?

Epidemiologist warns of “contagion” of violent speech coming “from the White House”

Dr. Gary Slutkin says violence is like a contagious disease — and our current president is a super-spreader

We asked American teachers how they teach kids about what Trump is doing

Salon asked teachers how they're explaining the 2020 election and Trump's sordid attempts to undo the results

Here's an easy lasagna you can make in a skillet using jarred sauce and no-boil pasta

This hearty dish, bursting with fresh greens and bright pops of citrus, comes together in 45 minutes

With «Belushi,» R.J. Cutler finds the soul behind the comedy legend's chaos

A wealth of recorded interviews brings us the life and spirit of John Belushi instead of merely his end
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