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Lev Parnas spins wild tales of Trumpian corruption — and we know most of them are true

Trump and Giuliani's bagman is singing like crazy — because he's scared of Bill Barr. Now that's terrifying

Royal flush: Understanding the power of Donald Trump's toilet politics

Trump's obsession with plumbing may seem buffoonish — but it forges a personal connection with his followers

Progressive groups call for Warren-Sanders unity after tense Iowa debate

«Best chance» to beat Trump «does not lie with an establishment or corporate Democrat,» progressive groups argue

Scientists have found a «super-Earth» right next door

The nearest star to ours, Proxima Centauri, is believed to harbor another rocky planet kinda like Earth

State of emergency: High tension in Virginia as right-wing gun fanatics descend on Richmond

With a Democratic legislature passing mild gun restrictions, armed militia types threaten violence in Virginia

«Just Mercy»: Freeing an innocent man shouldn't be this hard

Walter McMillian was eventually cleared of false murder charges, but he could easily have stayed in jail forever

Lev Parnas implicates Mike Pence, Bill Barr, and Devin Nunes in Trump Ukraine scheme

Pence was «in the loop,» Barr «had to have known,» and Nunes «knew very well,» Parnas claimed to Rachel Maddow

Former GOP strategist Rick Wilson: «F**king hating» Trump is the key to winning in 2020

Former Republican political wizard outlines Democratic strategy vs. Trump: «This guy is a lying liar who lies»

Robert Reich: Why I’m still hopeful about America

As bad as it looks—as despairing as you can sometimes feel—the great strength of this country is our resilience

No shield from x-rays: How science is rethinking lead aprons

Fear of radiation is entrenched in the collective psyche

In outrage over its bunk science, Goop finds fuel for growth

Goop's forthcoming Netflix show suggests that their denunciations don’t matter

Press Watch: Wolf Blitzer wanted war drums; Democrats made the case for peace

CNN's star tried to bait Democratic candidates into talking tough on endless war. Amazingly, none of them did it

Joe Biden won't tell the truth about his Iraq war record — and he hasn't for years

Biden keeps saying he opposed the 2003 Iraq invasion. That's a lie. In fact, he was a huge enabler and cheerleader

Lev Parnas implicates president in first TV interview: «Trump knew exactly what was going on»

«I wouldn't do anything without the consent of Rudy Giuliani or the president,» Parnas tells MSNBC's Rachel Maddow

The health gap: The rich enjoy ten more years of good health compared to poor

A shocking study finds that wealthier people have better health for almost a decade longer than the poor on average

Our new blind spots: Technology changes how we see the world, and how we interact with it

Our surroundings affect our cognitive orientation, and technology is as influential a climate as the weather

Netflix's buzzy «Killer Inside» tries to make sense of Aaron Hernandez's murderous mindset

A new three-part Netflix series digs into the downfall of the ex-NFL star and how he became a cold-blooded killer

So much for the «liberal media»: Chattering-class hypocrisy is supporting Trump's rule

Hillary warned us — and the media crucified her. Now a smug culture of neutrality is enabling a would-be fascist

Why do minor culture-war issues dominate election coverage, while we ignore the serious stuff?

Why Trump's plumbing obsession and a Democratic slap-fight over mansplaining get more coverage than real issues

The fire this time: Australia's climate carnage is an urgent warning to America and the world

With a billion animals dead and a leader high on fossil fuel, Australia sounds an alarm for the rest of us

Press Watch: WashPost acknowledges a media failure, goes after Trump's business secrets

Three of the Post's best reporters urge readers to hold them accountable in finding what the president is hiding

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders engage in soul-sapping fireworks at Iowa debate: Who benefits?

Sanders sticks by claim that he never said a woman couldn't win; Warren tries to rise above the entire debate

«Little America» star: «Gay marriage is evolution»

Salon talks with Apple TV+ series actor Haaz Sleiman, who plays a Syrian man who flees persecution for being gay

«Boys & Sex» author: If you can't say no, I don't know if you can hear it

«Girls & Sex» author Peggy Orenstein heard the heartbreaking story from boys who've been taught not to feel

How both «Hustlers» and «Little Women» anticipated their own Oscar snubs

Both «Little Women» and «Hustlers» look at how women's creative ambitions are stifled by a male-dominated society

Battle over sexism hurts both Warren and Sanders — but for different reasons

Whatever Sanders said to Warren about whether a woman can win in 2020, it's a no-win situation for both of them

Is Donald Trump on drugs? That's seriously the wrong question

After the Iran speech, another cascade of Adderall rumors — but amphetamines can’t explain Trump, or America

«The New Pope» is still sexy and it knows it

Everything you loved about «The Young Pope,» only now with John Malkovich in mascara

«Joker» isn't remotely Oscar-worthy, and these better but snubbed films prove it

From «Midsommar» to «Hustlers,» these deserving but overlooked 2019 films handled storytelling and issues better

Raising the minimum wage could prevent thousands of suicides, researchers find

That means the business lobby, which has consistently fought against higher minimum wages, has blood on their hand

Don't believe the Sanders slams Warren hype. Fear and outrage won't help any Democrat win

Before you get mad online, ask yourself: Who benefits most from rancor between Democratic campaign supporters?

Oscars still so white? Only one actor of color was nominated by the Academy in 2020

Notable snubs included Awkwafina and Jennifer Lopez, who were just recognized for their work by the Golden Globes

Do craft breweries gentrify neighborhoods? It's complicated

Craft breweries may not deserve their bourgey stereotypes, research finds

All the presidents' lies: Inventing excuses for military action is nothing new

Donald Trump is a pathological liar — but spinning manufactured evidence to justify war is an American tradition

Trump's authoritarian assault on democracy continues: What lies ahead?

Fascism scholar Ruth Ben-Ghiat: If Trump wins again, America will be «ready for full-on authoritarian rule»

Greta Thunberg and other youth climate activists to Davos participants: Dump fossil fuels

In a Guardian op-ed, Thunberg and 20 other youth climate activists call on world leaders to end fossil fuel economy

Debunking the «abortion regret» narrative: Data shows women feel relief, not regret

In our study we learned that after 5 years, 99 percent of women reported their abortion was the right decision

Against meal kits

The proliferation of Silicon Valley meal kit delivery companies is gentrifying cooking

These mini blueberry and lemon upside-down cakes are a decadent dessert or breakfast treat

A few traditionally savory ingredients are what make this recipe so versatile and hearty
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